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Who are Pigpen & Birdbath?

Pigpen & Birdbath is a creative design duo based in the UK producing designs and illustrations for design-led gifts. The concept design company was set up by the husband and wife team David and Annie in 2011 after 10 years of working in graphic design and illustration.

Annie on Dunes
Annie on Dunes
David on Rannoch moor
David on Rannoch moor

Pigpen & Birdbath’s striking designs are arranged in a series of quirky, colourful collections inspired by the great outdoors, always combined with an element of fun. Pigpen & Birdbath’s works also feature bold colour and typography in their designs.

The name came about as a running in-joke between the creative duo – that he is the messy one while she can’t seem to contain water in the kitchen sink.
“He always leaves a trail of dust and disaster behind him.” explains Birdbath.
“- Yes, but she always seems to leave a flood whenever she’s anywhere near water!” replies Pigpen.

The couple decided to branch out into designing for the gift market after getting positive feedback from friends. “We always used to design and print our own Christmas and Easter cards, and friends started to come up to us and say ‘Loved your card! Where can I buy some?’ – so we realised we potentially had a new business direction on our hands,” says Birdbath.

Easter card, eggs & flowers
Easter card, eggs & flowers

Working from their home studio, Pigpen & Birdbath produces illustrative designs in a range of themes that come in several different colourways. “We love nature and the outdoors – photographing the outdoors, walking outdoors, being outdoors and exploring patterns, but above all it’s about having a little fun with our designs.”

Growing up in rural Dumfries and Galloway, the pair grew up near the seaside and outstanding scenery. Pigpen says: “Our design palette is very much linked to the seasons. We love working with the seasonality of the year: the changing light, the changing skies, the changing colour of the land and all the emerging plantlife associated with it. We are obsessed with colour! We have a colour chart for everything!”
Pigpen: Is that Weathered Slate?
Birdbath: No, it’s more like Dormant Storm.

What next?

Right now Pigpen & Birdbath are designing striking and original graphic prints which are suitable for T-shirts, tea towels, placemats, mugs and greetings cards in a range of colourful, fun collections – which they hope will be featuring in a shop near you very soon! You can follow our latest news and developments here at pigpenandbirdbath.com

Our philosophy

We believe in a number of things about design. We believe it should be timeless. We believe it should be high quality. We believe it should be colour-orientated (we are obsessed with colour), and we believe it should be fun.

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